privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of as defined and required by the Suomen Henkilötietolaki (the Finnish Law on personal data) 1) Registry administrator The administor of the registry and the service provier is Suomen Tutkimusapu, Finnish business ID 2613800-8, Kaikukatu 2C, 00530 Helsinki. 2) Purpose of the personal data processing THe register is maintained to collect data for studying human behaviour and reactions to different web contents. The results of the studies created from the data is not connected to the individuals so that they could be identified. Instead, the results are derived from the data using statisical methods only. Registration of the individuals is voluntary and consentual. 3) Registrars and the collected information The register collects the hardware configuration of the registrar's computer, the personal information of the registrars, descriptive information for data categorisation, and data on the measured gaze focal point on a computer screen and on a web page, the location of the user's mouse pointer and button clicks in the browser, and if the user explicitly accepts from time to time, the numerical data on the emotions as analysed optically from facial muscles. Further, the system captures screenshots from the user's browser window. The personal information contains the name, home address, email and the preferred hour of day to contact that the registrar has given. In case the registrar has requested and he has been loaned the special hardware owned by the service provider, the registrer will include his social security number to check the credit-worthiness of the registrar and protect the service provider's commercial interests in case recovering of damaged hardware. The descriptive information for data categorisation includes the gender, year of birth and occupation given by the registrar. The data on the measured gaze focal point includes the measured center points of the gaze translated on the computer screen and a web page and the diameter of the pupil during the measuring process. The data on the mouse pointer includes the location of the pointer on the screen, and the list of mouse buttons pressed. The emotional data includes numeric represenation on scales from 0,00 - 1,00 or -1,00 - 1,00 for joy, fear, disgust, sadness, anger, surprise, contempt, engagement and valence. The screenshots captured from the browser are saved as digital image files, which are used later to identify objects on the page either by machine or a human agent. 4) Giving out data The contents of the register is never given to any third parties. The information created from the register data is given to the service provider's partners and customers only without the personal data of the registrars. 5) The principles of the data protection The registry is operated in a database which is not accessible by unauthorised persons. The registry administrator keeps its computer systems protected on the level which could expected by IT-professionals. The registry is operated on computer servers, which are not accessible by other than the personnel auhtorised by the hosting partnes.