frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for Tutkimusapu-service?

Tutkimusapu is a Finnish technology company. We have been developing our methodology and technology for several years. We are funded by TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Our business is privately owned.

Why does Tutkimusapu recruit members?

The company develops technology to collect biometric data, such as gaze path on computer screen, and combines it with the internet contents being browsed. The collected data analysis reveals the human experiences caused by the internet contents. The information can be used to develop the internet contents. There is no way to simulate human experience, so we are recruiting real people to act as research subjects. When we collect data from large enough group of people, we can produce more accurate analyses.

What rewards are available to the members?

We reward our active members with products, which we are going to publish on our website later. Additionally, we will offer a chance to convert the products into money.

Is Tutkimusapu's purpose to spy on people?

No, it is not. The purpose of our research is not to spy on individuals, or their online behaviour. We collect information from our volutarily joined members, and only, when they attach our data collection hardware to their computer's USB-port. Also, we do not use anyone's personal information as part of our analysis, but only descriptive data like, your age and gender.

How spam mail does Tutkimusapu sends?

We don't send insolicited emails, aka spam. Neither do we overload your inbox by sending "commercial messages" to our members. Our business logic is to consentually collect browsing data from our members so that we can analyse web sites. We sell the analysed information to the webmaster and the content owners, so we don't have to sell anything to our members.

If I register as a member, who can I get rid of Tutkimusapu later?

Easily - just terminate your membership on the web pages. If you are an active member of our research group, and you have received our data collection hardware, you will have to return it to us by mail. After the termintation, you will not contact you anyhow.